The Pathwayz Group

Creating workplaces that are more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable

Who We've Worked With

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Global Team 

We have team members from all over the world! We are a truly global and diverse team of individuals that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have facilitators from non-profits, corporate business, academia and more which brings a well rounded insight and experience to each of our trainings.

Measured Outcomes

For every subject matter, we have specific learning outcomes to measure ROI. We conduct a baseline analysis at the beginning of each training session and measure training success based on Kirkpatrick's Evaluation Model to measure actual ROI from each engagement.

Engaging Virtual Sessions

The Pathwayz Group has custom built sets filled with props, games, backgrounds, and themes from all over the world!

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A very well done workshop! I was expecting to kind of hang out and listen while I work on either of my own [work] but ended up taking notes the entire time (on both your content and things you did as a speaker I can learn from) 😍 Definitely one of my favourite talks I've gone to over the last year”

- DevOps Toronto, Communication Workshop