About The Pathwayz Group 

We work with teams that occasionally struggle with wasted time and energy, coworker tension, and unmet expectations. We focus on effective leadership, team building, and strategic human resources. We improve team performance through fun training, creating a growth environment, and strategically structuring teams to get real results. In our sessions, people stay wide awake and are highly engaged while having fun and walking away with things they can actually do to improve performance and thrive. 


Our Approach

Attendees will stay wide AWAKE and walk away with digestible skills that can be applied that day. Our approach is gamified, hands on, collaborative learning with intentional time for practical application debriefs with each activity.

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Global Team 

We have team members from all over the world! We are a truly global and diverse team of individuals that bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have facilitators from non-profits, corporate business, academia and more which brings a well rounded insight and experience to each of our trainings.

Measured Outcomes

For every subject matter, we have specific learning outcomes to measure ROI. We conduct a baseline analysis at the beginning of each training session and measure training success based on Kirkpatrick's Evaluation Model to measure actual ROI from each engagement.

Engaging Virtual Sessions

The Pathwayz Group has custom built sets filled with props, games, backgrounds, and themes from all over the world!


Previous Events

2020 Events:

  • Amazon Days (Online Training based in Canada) 

  • Prezi Stretch Conference (Budapest, Hungary) 

  • MadeCraft (LinkedIn Learning) (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) 

  • Microsoft Teams Day 

  • Microsoft Data AI Group (online training based in Reading, UK) 

  • Power Saturday (Online event based in Paris, France) 

  • DevOpsDays with Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh, PA)

  • SiberX Conference (online event based in Toronto, Canada)

  •  EuroPython (online training based in Paris, France) 

  • PyCon Africa (online training based in Ghana) 

  • Regional Scrum Gathering Nepal (online training based in Nepal)

  • DevOps Days Medellin (online training based in Medellin, Columbia) 

  • DevOpsDays Bogota (online training in Bogota, Columbia) 

  • J4K Conference (online event based in Jakarta, Indonesia) 

  • CodeCampSDQ (online event) 

  • Navigating Leadership (Online Event based in Canada) 

  • Canary Wharf. Net Meetup (Online training based in London, UK) 

  • Underground DevOps (online event based in London, UK)

  • Conf42 SRE (online training)

  • Sound and Music (Online Training based in Mumbai, IN)

  • Hooman Business School (Online Training based in Mumbai, IN)

  • Techlahoma (Online event Tulsa, OK) 

  • CouchCon (Online event based in Boston, Maryland) 

  • Featured in Podcasts: Path to 99 Percentile, Vantage Circle, and Ask Jeremy Jones Podcast

2019 Events:

  • Google Development Days (Ranchero Cordova, CA)

  • ScanAgile Conference (Helsinki, Finland)

  • Music City Tech (Nashville, TN) 

  • Disrupt HR (Tulsa, OK and OKC, OK) 

  • Helsinki International School (Helsinki, Finland) 

  • Typo3 Conference (Den Haag, The Netherlands)

  • DevOps Conference (Kansas City, MO) 

  • Disrupt HR (OKC, OK)

2018 Events: 

  • Association for Talent Development State Conference (Norman, OK) 

  • Immunize Nevada Conference (Reno, NV) 

  • Association for Talent Development NEO Chapter (Tulsa)

  • OKHR State Conference (Tulsa, OK) 

  • Launch Out Conference (Nashville, TN)

2017 Events: 

  • Indian Sports Conference (Bangalore, India) 

  • Speaker through sports organizations in South India 

2016 Events: 

  • The University of Oklahoma 20X20 (Tulsa, OK) 

  • OU- Tulsa Commencement (Tulsa, OK) 

  • National Sports Conference (Hyderabad India) 

  • Speaker throughout sports organizations in South India