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The Pathwayz Group Services

Attendees will stay wide AWAKE and walk away with digestible skills that can be applied that day. Our approach is gamified, hands-on, collaborative learning with intentional time for practical application debriefs with each activity.

Communication Workshop

Workshop to improve how you give, receive, track, use, and equip team members for effective feedback. This interactive workshop gives practical tools and strategies to drive performance through effective feedback.

Team Development

Team development is not an activity; it is an ongoing habit. Whether you want to build, repair, or maintain your team culture, The Pathwayz Group has engaging, action-focused, and effective sessions highlighting the habits, relationships, practices, and values that shape your company culture. Our trained facilitators help guide meaningful conversations to increase understanding, cultivate solutions and establish healthy habits for a positive work culture.

HR Action Certification

An action-focused certification built to equip emerging HR professionals and people leaders with tools to be a powerful change agent in their organizations. This four-month certification includes 75 self-guided learning lessons, an action-focused workbook, and 4 live-virtual cohort sessions with experienced HR leaders.

Strategy Session

Facilitated session to develop an action plan. These powerful sessions feature an experienced, trained facilitator to guide tough questions, challenges, and strategies to create an action plan for success utilizing data, analytics, and implementation principles.


Resources For You

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Engaging Virtual Environment 

Enter our Pathwayz Learning Space filled with props, games, whiteboards, pushpin boards, maps, costumes, and fun visuals for a captivating virtual environment.

Tuckman’s Model for Instructional Design

The Pathwayz Group designs full-cycle learning journeys for each learning objective. In the performing and adjourning stage, facilitators will check for understanding and give opportunities for skill practice.

Kirkpatrick’s Learning Evaluation Model

Facilitators will check for understanding and application of learning objectives through Kirkpatrick's Evaluation Model. We collect data points to track session impact and overall return on investment of training sessions about learning objectives.